What we do

Are you looking for an original way to thank your wedding guests? Or would you like to surprise your colleagues or business partners with a festive holiday package? We can arrange this for you!

Based on your ideas and wishes, combined with your knowledge of those receiving your personalized gift bag, we determine the style and design of your bag. With great care and consideration, we assemble and fill your personalized gift bag with fabulous goodies hand-picked for that special friend. We make sure that the exterior and interior complement each other to guarantee a beautiful, lovingly assembled exclusive gift that will serve as a wonderfully thoughtful memento.

We have joined forces with famous sustainable brands and local designers who provide us with stylish, hand-made products. For example, you might find stunning hand-made jewelry, delicious natural products, chic ceramics and jazzy accessories in your gift bag! There is a gift bag for every occasion: weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries… You name it!

We work for both private customers as well as corporations and design gift bags to order. Please contact us here, and we will gladly inform you about all the wonderful possibilities!